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SANE Forums are a safe place to share your experience of living with complex mental health issues. Our Lived Experience Forum helps you connect to people like you. You can read stories, reply to discussions or start your own. Click on one of the topic buttons to get started.

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chibam - profile picture

It sucks when people only come to you when they want something.

So today I got a letter from a big name charity. No big surprises, they wanted money. It's the second time in about two or three weeks I've gotten a letter of this nature ... Read more

Donnoanything - profile picture

Is there really an end to this?

Hi, I am new here, first time posting. A little bit about myself. I have depression, complex family issues, currently going through some very tough relationship issu ... Read more

JustinSane - profile picture


Still struggling to come to terms with the loss of my Mother. I wrote this poem to try and express the pain and reconcile myself to this terrifying reality. If any of you ... Read more

howtoend - profile picture

how many chances do you give your depression?

I've been depressed probably my whole life. I also have severe anxiety and cant go out by myself without having a panic attack. I'm also late diagnosed autistic and findi ... Read more

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